Hitting the refresh button with Rem Zamora’s Photography workshop

Last month I took a photography workshop at Inquirer Academy. The 2-day course was headed by multi-awarded photographer Rem Zamora. He mostly tackled the basics of photography. As such, I considered it more of a refresher since I already shoot professionally.

Most of day-1 was spent on basic photography principles. Despite the languor throughout the discussion, Rem talked about a specific topic that caught my attention and somehow concretized my linear view on the subject matter of exposure. Previously, all I needed to think about was if my settings are on-point.  For years I did the process of perfecting exposure in my head without any sort of mental image. The way I visualize exposure in my mind was very linear. Balancing ISO, Aperture and shutter was straightforward, but Rem introduced the exposure triangle. I’ve never thought that a simple triangle would be able to describe the concept of exposure so concise that even a beginner could understand. The exposure triangle was never taught to me or us during my time as a student. This method now concretely shows me what exposure is. 

After the basics were covered, the more exciting and less typically discussed subject of Visual Story telling was tackled. Rem displayed different shots that would help tell a photographic story. He talked about composition, texture, lines and matters that went beyond the rule-of-thirds. All of these ideas he explained with the use of his own photos. I’m very impressed because Rem displayed great mastery as he practiced what he preached. 

On the second day, we set out to shoot at Circuit Makati for the application part of the course. I have to admit, the challenge to capture Circuit Makati in the photojournalistic sense was pretty frustrating as I was more attuned to more creative and commercial work.

I highly recommend this course to beginners. But for the more seasoned photographer, this can be the proverbial refresh button you’ve looking for.

Here are some of the photos I took at Circuit Makati

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