Japan 2012: Photowalk – Part 2

Bay Quarter Tokyo

Japan 2012: Photowalk
First drink of the day a  0.00% non-alcoholic ‘beer’ – IT’S BEER SANS THE INHIBITION!


I then took a train ride to Tokyo Midtown to do some mid-day shopping.

DSC_0312 copy

It was a very hot day. No clouds at all. But the different connecting routes from the train station to the mall was all covered with ample shade.


The View from Bay Quarter Yokohama. The famous Fuji Xerox building on the upper-right corner.

Tokyo Bay Quarter

Fuji Xerox Building

There’s a really nice Arts & Crafts store called Yuzawaya and I probably spent 2-3 hours going through the most wonderful things. They have really good packaging too!


The shops and restaurants at Bay Quarter was surprisingly empty. Most restaurants and shops were closed. Compared to the clustered Ayala malls in Manila, there wasn’t any noticeable crowds of people lingering about.

The Korean Restaurant Norubune’s a really nice place where the locals go. The place has a wonderful salad bar and offered drinks that I never knew existed. The restaurant has a nice view and really looks ‘chill’ at night.


Korean Lunch at Norbune

After the brief lunch, I head over to the Minato Mirai, which was one stop away. I landed around the vicinity of the Landmark Tower, one the tallest buildings in Tokyo. I’m heading to a Pokemon Center. Sadly I can’t show some photos because photography is restricted in most shops and commercial areas.


The Landmark Tower


People are disciplined. Keep left when riding the escalator.
People who overtake use the right side. It’s considered rude to take up space.
Why aren’t Filipinos this educated?

The Pokemon Centers back in the late 90’s and early 2000’s was a hit and people really went to these places. But now the franchise isn’t going well and sadly many major Pokemon Centers have closed down. The store was somehow empty and I was alienated by the new Pokemons that were featured by the current generation. But nonetheless I was able to buy some pretty good classic memorabilia.


Darn! Didn't catch them all!

I spotted people of different ages playing their Pokemon games outside the mall’s small Pokemon center. Everyone was in one sitting area. I felt it was some sort of gaming club for the Pokemon fans. I found it very interesting how people can just share their interests. I find it more vibrant than what Manila currently has.

Spending hours in H&M and the Pokemon center, I felt tired so I decided to get something light to eat. I went to the café where one of my Japanese cousins work.


Spiral Escalators

DSC_0466 DSC_0470DSC_0473

Afternoon shift


Public Art

Ending the day

I ended the day by visiting my uncle who was recently discharged from the hospital. We had a simple Japanese dinner and spent time watching what seems to be a Japanese documentary about Manila’s crime.


My uncle posing pointing out directions. Behind was a painting I gave to them as a gift.


I left to get away from Manila. Looks like it followed me all the way here.

DSC_0496 DSC_0539
I completely forgot about this painting. I was 13 when I last saw this (Dated ’04).
What do you think for a 13 year old’s painting?

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