Japan 2012: Photowalk – Part 3

Tourist Trap

Japan 2012: Photowalk Part 3. This will be dedicated to sight-seeing. On the list are three interesting places that reflect the cultural heritage and modernity of the Japan.
• Imperial Palace
• Senso-ji Temple
• Tokyo Skytree



The morning rush at the Shin-Yokohama station.


Tokyo Imperial Palace

Albeit the heat, I was fortunate to grab a good amount of photos in the Tokyo imperial palace. It’s interesting to compare Intramuros and the Imperial Palace as it shares similar features like a moat. These historical structures were almost lost during the second world war. It’s impressive how the Japanese quickly rebuilt the palace. I can’t say the same for Intramuros and most of its resilient yet decaying structures.

It wasn’t a  walk in the park compared to Manila’s Intramuros, this Japanese landmark was huge. The park-like area in the middle of Tokyo housed the residence of the imperial family, some administration buildings and museums.

Foundation of the Main Castle (Remains)

Sad I couldn’t spend more time at the Tokyo Imperial Palace.


A Quick train ride to Tokyo SkyTree


It’s fun to just take everything in. But you have to at least eat something to nourish yourself from all the walking. I stopped by this small place and again, Japan never fails to surprise me with food options. It seems that everything was made to stimulate the senses. The food is appealing and the taste is just as good visually.

DSC_0822 DSC_0817 DSC_0812 DSC_0799

Tokyo Skytree

People rushing everywhere. Finding a perfect spot to take a photo of the  tower was a challenge.




The Tokyo Skytree is designed in the style of Metamodernism.



I finally took the shot. The tree I was sitting under gave me ample shade and its leaves gave a subtle addition to the composition.
I personally like this one.


On a side note: I take interest in aquariums, particularly the nature aquariums by ADA (Aqua Design Amano). Sad I wasn’t able to visit the Sumida Aquarium  where they house the best nature aquariums by Takashi Amano.

Aqua Design Amano

Senso-ji Temple


A normal day of commute for the locals.



I arrive around the Asakusa area. The place was full of small quaint cafés and shops.


The Kaminarimon, also known as the Thunder Gate.

Kaminarimon in detail

The Kaminarimon was burned down several times and rebuilt. This version of the gate dates back to the 60’s.


The Great Big Lantern


The Dragon under the lantern


Tenryu-zou, a god of water

Asakusa Culture Tourist Information Center

Just across the street was the Asakusa Culture Tourist Information Center. The Building is designed by Kengo Kuma. The exterior louvers is a striking design that called attention. It was a stark contrast from the traditional landmark at the front of it but it blended well to the other surrounding buildings. Sad, I wasn’t able to explore the insides of the building.

I stood there in the chaos and when I turned back  I saw this man stood for some seconds and he walked away. A sort of Wabi-sabi. An impermanence (mujō) which I consider the highlight of this photowalk. 

Awoken Field

I plan to have this enlarged and printed to decorate my personal studio.


Hōzōmon “Treasure-House Gate”  houses very important cultural items that is valued locally.




The Main Temple (Hondo)

Ending the Day

Here’s some shots as I make my way back to the hotel. It includes a lot of bicycles because I think Japanese bicycles are beautiful and functional.


Mermaids inside?

DSC_0970 DSC_0972 DSC_0973

This weird poster posted everywhere.


People Riding BikesDSC_0998 DSC_1009-2



I’m pretty sure this guy was taking a photo of me.

DSC_1060Hordes of people coming through after a concert. Surprising how Japanese are into k-pop.


Ending the day.

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