Japan 2012: Photowalk – Part 4

Laid Back

Today is a day for rest. You just can’t cram a trip to Tokyo and explore everything in one week. I’d reserve this day for a laid back walk to the malls and streets; blending in with the locals and take the scenes as any normal Japanese day would offer.


A local shoe store owned by a humble Japanese business man.
I bought a pair of boots here. The Products were devoid of recognisable brand names but is finely crafted.
I could only praise the quality as it is locally made.


It’s located along a street that leads to the train station. People actually stop by to check the merchandise. This really echoed the SM Shoe Mart and its humble beginnings at Quiapo.


Commuters going home from work. People come and go and waste no time.
I shot a film version of this that I’ve exposed on a photo sensitive paper.


Bicycles parked before the bridge crossing.


More Bicycles.
With a city this convenient, disciplined and clean, you’d always appreciate a bike ride versus taking a car and searching for a parking slot.

DSC_1092This small Ministop catches your attention as it is the brightest in the subdivision.

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