Pampubliko Launch

The brainchild of Yale graduates Sam Jones and Nicole Cu-Unjieng, Pampubliko is an online platform that aims to “Change the Conversation” by covering diverse topics in governance and acting as a resource for Filipinos to influence change. Acting as an online watchdog of sorts, it is also a place to have conversations on national governance and issues that surround our country. Pampubliko launched around January at The Belle and Dragon Restaurant, the former President Fidel V. Ramos gave a passionate speech that was brilliant as inspiring. With the charisma of a true leader and a touch of bravado, he invited everyone to visit the website and participate in the conversation.


Fidel Ramos Arrives


The Program Begins


The former President begins his speech

PAT_2598 copy

He invites everyone to greet each other with goodwill. Everyone was hesitant at first but he lightened the mood and everyone felt at home.




People entertained by the jests and stories in the speech


Throwing the script away


The former President invites everyone to visit the site and to “see it for themselves”

Where is Pampubliko?

Visit Pampubliko  at

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